Parks and Recreation

The Baneberry Parks & Rec Department provides a variety of quality recreational programs and leisure activities for Baneberry’s residents.

The department’s mission is to promote public awareness and support for recreation, park, and leisure services.

The Park and Rec Committee strives to create an inclusive atmosphere that will encourage our citizens to come out and meet their neighbors old and new. We also invite all citizens to come to our monthly meeting with ideas of events and activities they would like to see in our City


Office Location:
521 Harrison Ferry Road
Baneberry, TN  37890

Phone:  865-674-0124
FAX:  865-674-8674

Sandra Plonski
Sandra PlonskiChair
Number: 909-771-9254
Term Expire: January 2022
Bucky MillerMember
Number: 865-674-2200
Term Expire: May 2017
Char NorthMember
Number: 865-674-0124
Term Expire: April 2021
Vicki GentryMember
Number: 865-674-0124
Term Expire: January 2022
Tom ClemmonsMember
Number: 865-674-0124
Term Expire: July 2020
Nancy BroughtonMember
Number: 865-674-0124
Term Expire: July 2020