Baneberry City Commission Agenda

May 6, 2024, 5:00p.m.
Baneberry City Hall

I. Call to Order
A. Prayer
B. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Cal

III. Public Comments: Must complete and submit a Public Comment form prior to the start of the meeting.

IV. Approval of Agenda

V. Approval of Minutes
A. Public Hearing: March 18, 2024
B. SCM, City Commission, March 1, 2024

VI. Communication from the Mayor

VII. Communication from City Commissioners

VIII. Communication from City Manager
A. Fire Department
B. Codes Enforcement Update
C. Waste Connections Contract
D. Election Correspondence
E. Other

IX. Reports from Committees:
A. Planning Commission
B. Parks & Recreation/Social Entertainment Committee
C. Road Commission

X. Old Business
A. Review and recommend additional updates to ordinances and codes related to building, site development/improvement, zoning, subdivision, and roads.

XI. New Business
A. Ordinance No. 2024-10: An Ordinance to Amend Title 3, Municipal Court, of the Baneberry Municipal Code.
B. Ordinance No. 2024-9: An Ordinance Revising the Permitted Uses in the R-2 Multiple Family Residential Zone and the C-1 Commercial/Business District, Removing Single Family Homes as a Permitted Use in the R-2 Zone and Removing Blanket Inclusion of R-2 Uses as Permitted in the C-1 Zone.
C. BZA Nominations

XII. Adjournment