City Court

Baneberry City Ordinance, 95-3 establishes a City Court, presided over by a City Judge who has jurisdiction over all cases arising from the laws and ordinances of the City of Baneberry, Tennessee.

When a complaint is made, the City Judge shall issue a summons to appear in lieu of an arrest warrant.  The summons shall order the alleged offender to appear before the City Court at a time specified therein to answer charges against him.  The summons shall set forth a description of the offense charged.

Every person charged with a violation of a municipal ordinance shall be entitled to a hearing and disposition of his case at the next session of the City Court after the charge.

City Court shall be in session the second Thursday of each month (quarterly in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov) at 6:00 PM, if cases are on the docket.

In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 6-21-501(a), the officer designated to handle judicial matters within the City of Baneberry and preside over City Court at the will of the Board of Commissioners is the City Recorder.

The Circuit Judge is empowered to impose fines and costs against an offender upon proper finding of a violation of an ordinance of the City.  The bill of costs shall be taxed in the same manner and amounts as allowed in the Court of General Sessions for similar work in State cases plus one dollar ($1.00).  The Circuit Judge is empowered to enforce collection of such fines and costs imposed by him.

Fines and costs imposed are the subject of Baneberry City Ordinance 216-6.

Any judgment of the Circuit Judge may be appealed to the Jefferson County Circuit Court.  Appeals must be filed within ten (10) days of the judgment, Sundays and Holidays excluded, and there must be a bond approved by the Circuit Judge not to exceed two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) for good and sufficient security of the offender’s appearance or prosecution of appeal.

Important:  The above is provided for information purposes only and has no authority.  Current laws and ordinances apply and must be consulted.