Jay Brombach, Interim Fire Chief

The Baneberry Volunteer Fire Department, established in May 2006 by City Ordinance 206-1, (and amended by City Ordinance 216-1) is duly authorized by the Tennessee State Fire Marshall to serve the City of Baneberry and a county area in a five (5) mile radius of the fire department building.

As an on-going effort to provide enhanced fire protection for the residents of Baneberry, the City Commissioners purchased a fire engine and authorized the construction of a fire station to be owned and operated by the City of Baneberry.

After completion of the fire station, City Commissioners, petitioned the County for establishment of a unique fire district boundary for the City, which was approved.  Upon designation by the county, the City petitioned the State for a fire department identification number, which was approved as Fire Department 45181.

The fire department objectives include:

  • Prevent uncontrolled fires.
  • Prevent the loss of life and property.
  • Confine fires to their places of origin.
  • Extinguish uncontrolled fires.
  • Prevent loss of life from asphyxiation or drowning.
  • Perform such rescue work as its equipment and/or the training of its personnel makes practicable.
  • Provide emergency medical care at the highest level that the equipment and training of the personnel makes practicable.
  • Provide code enforcement and building inspections as directed by the city as defined by City-adopted codes and ordinances.
  • Serve as the emergency management agency of the City.
  • Protect the health and safety of the citizens from the transportation, storage, or manufacture of hazardous materials to the extent possible that the level of equipment and training will allow.

ISO Rating: 6

Open Burning:  Prior to burning on your property or elsewhere within the City limits, refer to the City’s Open Burning ordinance and webpage.

Medical Records – For your personal use, the Fire Department has provided an Emergency Medical Information Sheet.  You could carry completed copies of the form in your purse or wallet and maintain copies where emergency personnel are most apt to locate it during an emergency.

With regard to identity theft, users should make personal decisions about which data to include or exclude on the form.  Use of this form is entirely voluntary.


Office Location:
521 Harrison Ferry Road
Baneberry, TN 37890

Contact Information:
Phone: (865) 805-5959
Fax: (865) 674-8674

Unless the situation demands,
do not call E-911.

~ Call 911 for emergencies ~