Baneberry City Commissioners are elected for a four (4) year term by vote of the City’s registered voters during the November General Elections held the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

To vote in Baneberry City elections and/or on City referenda, voters must be registered to vote in Jefferson County and they must own property within the corporate limits of the City of Baneberry.

The terms of office of the City Commissioners is staggered.  The term of two (2) of Baneberry’s commissioners ends one year while the term of the third (3rd) commissioner ends two (2) years later.

In addition to the November General Elections, elections also take place in off-years.  And, like general elections, polling dates and locations are widely and frequently advertised.

Tennessee voters may vote early.  Polling locations for early and election-day voting is announced via local media, including the Baneberry website.

When needed, referendum voting can be originated by petition.  While used for a variety of “public voice” reasons, a referendum vote is typically used to overturn legislation already passed.

In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA), applicants or nominees for the position of City Commissioner require that applicants be a qualified voter of the city, other than a person qualified to vote based only on nonresident ownership of real property.


Appointment of Treasurer Form:  Upon deciding to become a candidate, a political treasurer must be appointed.  No funds may be received or expended until a treasurer has been appointed.  A candidate may appoint himself or herself to this position.  A new form must be filed if the treasurer is changed. This form is available at and must be filed with the Jefferson County Election Office.

Candidate Nominating Petition: Pursuant to T.C.A. § 2-5-102, a candidate may obtain a nominating petition from the county election commission office.  Each page of the petition must be signed by the candidate and an Election Official and may not be photocopied.  The nominating petition must be signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters who are registered in the candidate’s district.  It is recommended that a candidate obtain more than twenty-five (25) signatures (at least thirty-five to forty (35-40) signatures) to prevent having a shortage in the number of qualified signatures.  Each voter who signs the petitions must also supply his or her residence address as it appears on his or her voter registration record.  No ditto or post office box addresses can be accepted.  Each voter must sign his or her own name.  There is a space available and should be used to print the voter’s name.