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Planning Commission

Established by City of Baneberry Ordinance 204-2, and amended by Ordinance 213-2; pursuant to the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, § 13-4-101.

The Baneberry City Municipal Planning Commission is referred to as the planning commission.

The planning commission considers: urban growth an development; rezoning proposals; conditional use permits; subdivision plats; annexation proposals; amendments or revisions to the City’s comprehensive plan; zoning and text amendments to adopted ordinances and resolutions; proposals embraced in the comprehensive plan; establishment of building setback lines; capital improvement plans; and such other matters as the City’s Board of Commissioners may assign to the Planning Commission or that the planning commission deems relevant or appropriate.

City Ordinance 212-5, the Revised Zoning Ordinance, designates the planning commission as the Baneberry Board of Zoning Appeals, to serve as such when applicable.

The planning commission consists of seven (7) members; two (2) of which are the mayor and another member of the Board of Commissioners.  The other seven (5) members are appointed by the mayor.

All members of the planning commission serve without compensation in accordance with the Baneberry Planning Commission Bylaws.

Terms of the five (5) members appointed by the mayor are for five (5) years each established on a staggered basis so that the term of at least one (1) member expires each year.

The terms of the mayor and the member selected by the board of mayor and commissioner run concurrently with their terms of office.

Vacancies in an appointive membership is filled for the unexpired term by the mayor, who also has the authority to remove any appointive member at his or her will and pleasure.


Office Location:
521 Harrison Ferry Road
Baneberry, TN  37890

Phone:  865-674-0124
FAX:  865-674-8674

Tom Carter
Tom CarterChairman
Jim Stover
Jim StoverMember
Karl Kammann
Karl KammannVice-Chair
Beth Mooney
Beth MooneyMember
George Davis
George DavisMember
Michael Harriss
Michael HarrissMember
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