About Baneberry

Through a citizen petition and action, 83 of Baneberry’s citizens voted on November 4, 1986 (72 for; 11 against) to incorporate the City and received a City Charter from the Secretary of the State of Tennessee, dated 25 March 1987.

Also In 1986, brothers, Tom and Dick Kammann, golf pros from St. Louis, bought out Cotton Berrier and established, Baneberry Links, Inc.

In May of 1991, with the help of a third brother, Karl Kammann, the Kammanns built and opened the Baneberry Inn, a 12-room hotel at the intersection of Harrison Ferry Road and Mountain View Lane.

From Cliff Anderson’s 1972 dream to today; much has happened.

Since incorporation, three councilmen, elected by the City’s property owners, preside over City operations.  From the councilmen, a Mayor is appointed.  None of the positions are compensated.  From 1987 until 2008 the only paid position in Baneberry’s government was its City Manager.  Since 2008, a police chief has been a paid position, also.  Over the years a long list of dedicated councilmen, mayors and numerous commission, department and committee volunteers have served as others continue to serve, helping the City Manager ensure a well-run community.

In May 2006 the City of Baneberry commenced use of its new 4100 square foot combination City Hall and Community Center with a connected 1280 sq. ft. pavilion used for outside dining and activities.

Completed that same year, and placed in service, the City began use of its new 2800 sq. ft. Fire Department building.  Serving both the police and fire department personnel, the building also has a maintenance garage and storage for some of the City’s public works machinery and equipment.

The City also built a community (cluster) mail box center adjacent the City Hall building.

Gayle Page reported in the Jefferson County newspaper, The Standard Banner, “a simple drive through Baneberry shows it all…  Its tranquil neighborhoods don’t flaunt manor houses, but rather display spacious, manicured lawns with abundant flowers and comfortable homes where people obviously live, enjoy life and take pride in their surroundings”.

Today’s residents, guests and visitors enjoy a fabulous championship golf course that winds through the middle of the city.  Where once there were no homes, now approximately 255 stand.

Where once there was 1150 acres of fields and forest, a few small farms, and a handful of people, now there is an incorporated city of approximately 2 square miles – home to 515 residents and host to numerous visitors.

And always present – the incredible vista of lake and mountains made all the more enjoyable by the wonderful grace, hospitality and friendliness of Baneberry’s and the area’s citizens.

City Data:

  • 2010 Census Population: 482
  • 2013 Estimate population: 502
  • 2014 City Tax Rate: $0.8242 / $100.00 assessed tax value
  • 2014 County Tax Rate: $2.35 / $100.00 assessed tax value
  • City Sales Tax Rate: 9.25%
  • ISO Rating: PPC Class 5/5Y
  • Latitude N36° 2’45” – Longitude W83°16’33”
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone
  • Average Elevation: 1,070 feet AMSL
  • Land Area: 1.8 square miles (Approx. 1,152 acres)
  • Baneberry, located in Jefferson County, Tennessee, is included in the Morristown, Tennessee metropolitan statistical area.