Minutes of Baneberry City Commission Meeting
February 7, 2022, 5 PM
Baneberry City Hall

1. Call to Order: Mayor Donna Hernandez called the meeting to order at 5 PM.

A. Prayer was delivered by Tom Carter
B. Pledge of Allegiance was done

2. Roll Call: The roll call was done by City Manager Darrell Helton with all members present.

3. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of Jan. 10, 2022, were not available and will be approved at the March meeting.

4. Citizen’s comments: One citizen expressed that she would like to see more citizen involvement in commission meetings.

5. Communication from Mayor: Mayor mentioned that the city is advertising for the city manager position and the city manager had hired a new person, Nancy Zander, for the city recorder position.

6. Communication from Commissioners: Gary Zander mentioned he has talked to an individual that might be interested in a volunteer firefighter.

7. Communications from City Manager: Darrell Helton told the commission that he was resigning effective Feb. 28, 2022. He stated he has enjoyed working at Baneberry. He told commissioners that the monthly financials were in their packet. He reminded them about the plan to use the stimulus funds needed to be done. He told them that Witt Utility said that the costs of installing fire hydrants would be $7500.00 with labor included.

8. Reports from committees and other officers:

A. Fire Department: No report
B. Planning Commission: Tom Carter reported that the planning commission had approved three new house construction, one combining lots, one fence application, and one renovation project.
C. Parks and Recreation: Sandy Plonski gave an update on the events coming up.
D. Road Commission: No report
E. Codes Officer: No report

9. Old Business: Approved Ordinance 2022-01 concerning an occupancy tax for the City of Baneberry. This was approved on first reading upon a motion by Gary Zander and a second by Tom Carter and the vote was unanimous. Ordinance 2022-02 concerning budget amendments for fiscal year 2021-2022 was approved on first reading upon a motion by Tom Carter and a second by Gary Zander and the vote was unanimous.

10. New Business: City Manager reported that Waste Connections was increasing the garbage pick-up rate from 11.14 to 11.70 which translates to approximately $1500.00 per year increase.

11. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 6 PM

Approved 3/7/2022