Baneberry City Commission Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Baneberry City Hall

1.  Call to Order: Mayor Hernandez called the meeting to order at 5:57 p.m.

    • Prayer Delivered: Vice Mayor Carter delivered the prayer
    • Pledge of Allegiance

2.  Roll Call

Board Members: Mayor Donna Hernandez
Vice Mayor Tom Carter
Commissioner Gary Zander

3. Approval of Agenda: Vice Mayor Carter made the motion to approve the agenda. Seconded by Commissioner Zander. Motion passed 3-0

4. Approval of Minutes: Vice Mayor Carter made the motion to approve the minutes. Seconded by Commissioner Zander. Motion passed 3-0

5. Communication from the Mayor: Mayor Hernandez led discussion on the Dog Park. Talked about signage, water, items for inside the park, video cameras and park rules. The Mayor is looking into items.

6. Communication from the City Commissioners

7. Communication from the City Manager: Dr. Nuzzi was absent, Nancy Zander reported they are still working on the permitting process. Inspection Fees have gone up to $175.00, and we are wanting to move from 10 days to 14 days for plan submission for review. After some discussion Commissioner Zander made a motion to move building plan submission for review from 10 days to 14 days. Seconded by Vice Mayor Carter. Motion passed unanimously.

8. Reports from committees

    • Fire Department: No report
    • Planning Commission: Vice Mayor Carter reported they approved two new home plans one for Mark Plonski and one for Scott Adare, looked at fence plans for Shaun Harrington on West Atherton, working on a letter to be sent to residents regarding Ordinance/Codes violations regarding campers and boats in front yards.
    • Parks and Recreation: Sandy Plonski reported they will not have a July meeting.
    • Road Commission: Gary Zander reported Road Commission is moving to quarterly meetings.
    • Codes Officer: No report

9. Old Business:  None

10. New Business: None

11. Citizen’s Comments: Robin Dubravetz, E. Atherton Ln. stated it is hard to see when turning right out of East Atherton Lane onto Harrison Ferry Rd. and asked about police presence in Baneberry due to speeding on Harrison Ferry Rd.

Aurora Rosas, Nina Ferry opinioned about speed limit signs on Harrison Ferry Rd.

Jim Stover, Bonnevista Dr. asked about an area on Bonnavista Dr. that may need some repair work, and discussed leaves, debris, and concrete on Bonnevista, and cul-de-sac paving/repair in the city.

12.  Adjourn: Motion made by Commissioner Zander, seconded by Vice Mayor Carter at 6:02 p.m.

Approved: 8.4.2022