Baneberry City Commission Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
Baneberry City Hall

1. Call to Order: Mayor Hernandez called the meeting to order at 5:17PM

  • Prayer: Vice Mayor Carter delivered the prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance

2. Board Members:

Mayor Donna Hernandez
Vice Mayor Tom Carter
Commissioner Gary Zander

3. Approval of Agenda: Commissioner Zander made the motion to approve the agenda.
Seconded by Carter. Motion passed 3-0

4. Approval of Minutes: Vice Mayor Carter made the motion to approve the minutes. Seconded by Commissioner Zander. Motion passed 3-0

5. Communication from the Mayor: Mayor Hernandez mentioned the continued need for volunteer Fire Fighters.

6. Communication from the City Commissioners: Zander made a statement that Harrison Ferry Rd will be paved this year.

7. Communication from the City Manager: Dr. Nuzzi reviewed the building permit process and the need for consistency to make it easier, fair, and equitable for the people of Baneberry. Looking into the option of the Building Inspector coming to our office to review plans and eliminating the middle person. Discussed the need to define the role of the Code Enforcement Officer and Dr. Tom will meet with him.

8. Reports from committees:

  • Fire Department: No report
  • Planning Commission: ice Mayor Carter reported they approved two new home plans; one for Brian Metzger and one for Carolyn Metzger. A third home for Randy Schelhorn was approved subject to more information. A letter to residents regarding Code violations will be mailed.
  • Parks and Recreation: No report
  • Road Commission: Discussion about Ben Harris fixing patchwork on Mountain View Ln. Commissioners wanted something in writing from Witt Utility with a commitment to complete the work on Mountain View Culvert repair area.
  • Codes Officer: No report

9. Old Business: Dog Park items have been ordered and Parks and Rec will handle a Grand Opening.

10. New Business: Discussion on a possible Permit Fee being added for building and updating Title 12, Chapter 2 of the Baneberry Municipal Code. It has been tabled for next month’s meeting.

11. Citizen’s Comments: Brian Metzger, Back Nine Dr. opined that in the past, when he was on the Commission, the reason for no fees was to promote growth. Also for information regarding requirements to volunteer for the Fire Department.

Josh Glendenning, St. Andrews Dr, owner of Baneberry Golf Course and Mulligans Restaurant, spoke about the state of the golf course and his plans.

12. Adjourn: Motion made by Vice Mayor Carter, seconded by Zander at 6:15p.m.

Approved: 9-13-2022

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