Baneberry Commission Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2023
Baneberry City Hall

Call to Order: Dr. Nuzzi called the meeting to order at 5:06PM

Prayer Delivered: Dr. Nuzzi delivered the prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

Board Members:
Mayor Donna Hernandez
Vice Mayor Tom Carter-Absent
Commissioner Gary Zander

Approval of Agenda: Commissioner Zander made the motion to approve the agenda. Seconded by Mayor Hernandez. Motion passed 2-0

Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Zander made the motion to approve the December 5th Commission meeting minutes. Seconded by Mayor Hernandez. Motion passed 2-0

Communication from the Mayor:
Mayor Hernandez mentioned that she called Josh Glendenning and invited him to the meeting to speak about the golf course auction, but he stated he is out of town.

The Mayor discussed the First Responders Dinner planned for February 25, 2023 and mentioned all elected officials need to complete their Statement of Interest by January 31.

Communication from City Commissioners: Commissioner Zander stated a good offer was made for the purchase of the golf course, but it was turned down by owner.

Communication from City Manager: Dr. Nuzzi reported the two new commissioners have been sworn in by Frank Herndon.
We received our first Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax payment from the State of Tennessee.
Dr. Nuzzi suggested the Commission discuss and consider allowing property owners to store RVs on vacant lots at the next meeting.
Dr. Nuzzi thanked Sandy Plonski and all her helpers for organizing the upstairs room.

Consent Agenda: Commissioner Zander made the motion to approve the Con’Sent Agenda. Seconded by Mayor Hernandez. Motion passed 2-0
A. First Reading Ordinance Title 5: Municipal Finance and Taxation-Revision
B. First Reading Ordinance Article XI Board of Zoning Appeals-Revision
C. First Reading Ordinance Chapter 3 Open Burning-Deletion
D. First Reading Ordinance Chapter 2 Parks and Recreation Commission-Revision

Committee Reports:
1. Fire Department: Commissioner Zander reported 3 batteries were replaced on Engine 10 and the Fire Hall door lock has been fixed.
2. Planning Committee: Mayor Hernandez reported they approved replating lots for Lyda on Harrison Ferry, a covered porch and new deck on St Andrews, and replating and new home plans for Virginia Court.
3. Parks and Recreation: Sandy Plonski reported their next meeting is January 31, 2023 at 5:30p.m.
4. Road Commission: Commissioner Zander reported they did not have enough members at their last meeting for a quorum.
5. Codes Officer: Nothing to report.

Old Business: First Responder Dinner February 25, 2023.

New Business: After a short discussion the Community Center rental fee was tabled until next meeting.

Citizen’s Comments:
A. Sandy Plonski, Back Nine Dr. opined on the need for new flooring at the community center, potential for a community park and community center rental fees.
B. Carmen Kammann, West Atherton Ln. opined on the community center rental fees.
C. George Davis, St Andrews Dr. suggested checking cost of other rentals in the area
D. Beth Somes, St Andrews Dr. questioned if the golf course owes any taxes.

Adjourn: Motion made by Commissioner Zander, seconded by Mayor Hernandez at 5:41p.m.

Baneberry Planning_Commission Minutes-Feb2023