Thursday, May 23, 2024, 5:30 p.m.
Baneberry City Hall

Special Called Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order:

II. Roll Call:

III. Business Item:

  • Second Reading-Ordinance No. 2024-9: An Ordinance Revising the Permitted Uses in the R-2 Multiple Family Residential Zone and the C-1 Commercial/Business District, Removing Single Family Homes as a Permitted Use in the R-2 Zone and Removing Blanket Inclusion of R-2 Uses as Permitted in the C-1 Zone.
  • Second Reading-Ordinance 2024-10: An Ordinance to Amend Title 3-Municipal Court, Section 3-101
  • Appointment of the Benberry City Court Judge.


Baneberry Planning Commission Agenda

Thursday, May 23, 2024, 6:00 p.m.
Baneberry City Hall

I. Call to Order:

II. Roll Call:
A. Tom Carter, Chairman
B. Donna Hernandez, Mayor
C. George Davis, Secretary
D. Jim Stover
E. Karl Kammann
F. Michael Harriss
G. Doug Catt

III. Public Comments: Must complete and submit Public Comment form prior to the start of any Commission meeting.

IV. Approval of Agenda:

V. Approval of Minutes: Minutes April 25th, 2024

VI. Communication from the Chairman:

VII. Communication from Planning Commissioners:

VIII. Communication from City Manager: Building Official Report

IX. Old Business:
A. Review and Recommend additional updates/revisions/amendments to ordinances and codes related to building, site development/improvement, zoning, subdivision, and roads.

X. New Business:
A. Title 15, Chapter 6, 15-604. Campers, motor homes, travel trailers, RV’s, boats, trailers and fifth wheels. Parking is permitted on residential property provided the above-listed are parked behind the front line of the house.

Ordinance 212-5, Article VII:
703.1. Tents, trailers, portable or move-in buildings shall not be permitted on any lot. Visiting R.V.’s/travel trailers are permitted for a reasonable period of time—not to exceed seven (7) days.
703.1-1. Recreational vehicles, boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, etc., not for commercial use, owned by the property owners, shall be permitted if they are parked behind the forward-most line of their home completely on their lot and under no circumstances to be used as a residence.

B. Underground Utilities Resolution: A resolution amending the subdivision regulations of the City of Baneberry, Tennessee to require installation of underground electrical lines where feasible for new subdivisions
C. Permit Approval Pending:

  1. Krista Hutchinson, 3440 IronGate Drive, Fence.
  2. Darrell Keene, 5 Acre-Tract 1 (former Hole 3), off Inverness Dr.
  3. Darrell Keene, 5-Acre-Tract 2 (former Hole 1), off Inverness

D. Dr. Daniel and Celia Napier: Final Subdivision Plat Approval, Lot #1 Nina Rd/Iron Gate

XI. Adjournment: