Minutes of Baneberry City Commission Meeting

April 4, 2022, 5 PM
Baneberry City Hall

Call to Order: Mayor Hernadez called the meeting to order at 5:03PM

Prayer Delivered: Yvonne Davis delivered the prayer Pledge of Allegiance

Board Members: Mayor Donna Hernandez
Commissioner Gary Zander
Vice-Mayor Tom Carter-absent

Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Zander made the motion to approve the minutes. Seconded by Mayor Hernandez. Motion passed 2-0

Sheriff Coffey’s Annual report: Sheriff Coffey gave his annual crime report

Citizen’s Comments: Gail Leonard questioned food trailer placement at property on St Andrews Dr. Discussion on Ordinance 215-9
Sandy Plonski questioned possible apron requirement on gravel driveways

Communication from the Mayor: Mayor introduced our new City Manager Thomas Nuzzi. Mayor noted that former City Manager, Darrell Helton and former City Recorder, Laura Staib resigned in January. New City Recorder is Nancy Zander and Ms Zander has been added to the bank documents. Mr Nuzzi will need to be added to the bank documents.
MTAS has finished the Codification of our Municipal Code. She has proofread and Vice Mayor Carter and Commissioner Zander need to do the same. There are several ordinances that need to be redone.

Communication from City Commissioners: none

Communication from City Manager: Thomas Nuzzi introduced himself.
a. Reported we are switching to Trilight with an install date of April 14th
b. We have switched to Microsoft 365 and he is setting up individual email accounts
c. We met with Travis Bishop from MTAS
d. Working on updating our Permitting process
e. Currently using QuickBooks but we may investigate other options
f. He is working on the budget

Committee Reports
1. Fire Department: Mayor Hernandez gave the fire report for Chief Donnie Williford. Tom Garswick has been added as a new volunteer.
2. Planning Committee: Mayor Hernandez reported they approved one new home and one deck replacement.
3. Parks and Recreation: Sandy Plonski on upcoming events
4. Road Commission: Commissioner Gary Zander reported one tile on Hazelwood and three tiles on Back Nine Dr need to be replaced.
5. Codes Officer: Mark Plonski will investigate the Trailer Ordinance

Old Business: Mayor Hernandez tabled the Audit approval

New Business: There was no new business

Adjourn: Motion made by Commissioner Zander seconded by Mayor Hernandez at 6:03 p.m.

Approved: June 9, 2022